Success Stories

“I’ve benefited in every area of my life!”

Bianca is a busy mom of three. She’s lost 50 pounds and dropped two pant sizes in 7 months — while training at home AND eating carbs.

“I lost 16 lbs in the first 48 days of the plan! Soon, I’ll be in a weight range I haven’t seen since college.”

Rich is a busy IT all-star, husband, and father of two kids. Over 3 years, Rich reduced his weight from 208 to 164 lbs.

“I’m thrilled by the results!”

Ted is a busy corporate executive, husband, and father of two young kids. He lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks while balancing his career and family.

six week before and afterabs

It’s difficult for petite females to lose weight without sacrificing muscle. My client, Natalie dropped 4 pounds and torched fat off her midsection in six short weeks.

“I feel like Wonder Woman after each session. I have more muscle, a nicer booty, and more knowledge”

Kassi is a former collegiate athlete turned sports business professional. In our program, she lost 8 pounds in 8 weeks.

Kassi only works out 4 times per week.

Amy is a former cardio junkie who ran 3 miles 4 times a week.

After 8 weeks of tracking calories and strength training, she loved her results.

She focused on lifting heavy weights, eating the right foods, and walking.

Amy’s back and arms were leaner and more toned than ever!

I have more muscle tone than ever before. I feel much stronger.

Denise is a busy saleswoman with two teenage daughters. In two months, she torched the love handles around her waist.

I built muscle and lost weight in my mid-section.

“I knew that I needed help to reach my fitness goals. I went from playing collegiate sports and spending much of my time in the gym to getting married, having kids, and not working out for more than ten years. I recommend Johnnie to anyone that is wanting to reach a fitness goal, no matter how big or small.”

-Jeremy Logan