Success Stories

In the past, I created my own routines. However, after injuries and periods of inactivity, I didn’t feel I had the expertise or time to program workouts. I needed something that would accommodate for my injuries and allow for substantial progress towards my goals for weight loss and strength. Johnnie created a program that’s allowed me to drop weight while adding lean mass.

I lost 16 lbs in the first 48 days of the plan! Soon, I’ll be in a weight range I’ve not seen since college. My wife jokingly notes that my butt has gone missing, but neither of us are displeased with the results.

If you’re on the fence, give him a shot. I think you’ll be thrilled with the changes you’ll experience.”

-Rich Lee

I lost 15 pounds and 4% body fat in the first 8 weeks! I’m thrilled by the results and I didn’t have to kill myself in the process. Initially, I thought going from five days of working out to four wouldn’t makes sense, but it really did help. I could be more explosive and I saw better results.”

I gained better self-control and ate healthier snacks. I didn’t fully deny myself, but I was proud that I showed better self-control.

-Ted Rutland

I built muscle and lost weight in my mid-section.

“I knew that I needed help to reach my fitness goals. I went from playing collegiate sports and spending much of my time in the gym to getting married, having kids, and not working out for more than ten years. I recommend Johnnie to anyone that is wanting to reach a fitness goal, no matter how big or small.”

-Jeremy Logan