The 10 Mistakes Busy Guys Make When Trying to Lose Fat (And What To Do Instead)

The 10 Mistakes Busy Guys Make When Trying to Lose Fat (And What To Do Instead)

If you want to shed fat and eliminate your beer gut while somehow surviving the daily grind of your crazy schedule, you have to focus relentlessly on the few things that REALLY make a difference. 


You don’t have time to make mistakes. At work, you have meetings, reports, calls, and an unreasonable boss to handle. At home, you have a family who deserves your time, attention, and love. Remember:

Effective beats efficient every time. You must do things that continually move you closer toward your fat loss goal. Each time you make a mistake along your fat loss journey, you hold yourself back.

It’s during those times that frustration builds and you are tempted to quit. Don’t let it happen.

Drawing on my own experience and those of dozens of my clients, I want to share with you the JP Fitness Coaching Program secrets…which aren’t very secret at all.  They are effective, practical, and simple common-sense solutions backed by science and proven by experience.

Avoid these mistakes and you will save months or years of frustration. Promise!

Mistake #1: You’re Relying on Quick Fixes

Imagine walking down the magazine aisle of your favorite grocery on a nice Sunday afternoon. The fitness magazines are splattered with headlines like “Lose 20 lbs in 7 Days using This Detox Plan!” or “The Trick This Action Star Used to Add 30 Pounds of Muscle in 5 Weeks!”

You’ve decided you’re going to buy one of the magazines and give it a shot. You’re fully committed to making changes and transforming your body once and for all.

Then, life happens. A back injury makes a nasty comeback, it begins throbbing halfway through a workout. Urgent business meetings cause you to skip workouts and eat crappy fast food. Instead of being leaner and stronger, you’ve gained 10 pounds and your beer gut has gotten bigger.

Any successful business owner, CEO, or corporate executive will tell you that it takes time to build a business. The same thing applies to shedding fat and making your beer gut disappear into thin air.

What To Do Instead: You need to establish a solid foundation. The best training plans and diets are simple, flexible, and lead to long-lasting progress. Quick fixes don’t work because you’re not building sustainable habits. Long-lasting change requires a shift in mindset. Changing your body requires you to build new habits.
Fat loss is like a fine wine. It takes time. Recognize that and plan accordingly. (Okay, but maybe not years. More like months.) 

Mistake #2: You’re Not Tracking Calories

The adage “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet” will forever remain true. You can’t eat like shit and get ripped. To lose fat, you must create a caloric deficit, which means burning more calories than you consume. Ask someone who’s struggling to lose fat about their diet and they’ll probably tell you they eat healthy or don’t eat too much.

Ask them if they track their calories. The answer is most likely NO. But tracking your calories is a huge eye-opener. You’ll build awareness of what, the amount, and the quality of your food and drink choices. People who track their calories lose more weight than those who don’t.

What To Do Instead: Start tracking your calories. It takes just a few minutes a day. It’s the best way to help you become more informed about your food decision making. You’ll build the knowledge and habits to help you achieve the results you deserve. And you don’t have to track forever. A few weeks or months is generally all that’s required. 

Mistake #3: You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol

One drink won’t kill your quest to obliterate your beer gut. The problem is when this turns into an entire day of booze and cheat meals or adopting a routine of crushing a six-pack when you get home from a long day at the office. When I worked a 9-5, I struggled with this for years.

What To Do Instead: Back away from the booze. After a stressful day, I love a cocktail as much as anyone. However, if you want to lose the annoying 15-20 pounds that you’ve gained over time, sacrifices must be made. Save the alcohol for special occasions. On a date night or at an event, have 1-2 glasses of your beverage of choice and call it a day.

Mistake #4: You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

What if I told you there was a supplement that can provide the solution to all your problems? Would you be interested? Yes? Ok, let me go further.

People are obsessed with finding hacks that can help them become more productive, buy more time, or achieve a better-looking body. Often, hacks come to us in the form of supplements. We’re easily enticed by supplements that promise us all-day energy, sharpen our focus, or promise to burn 10x more fat during the day. Taking a supplement is easy and painless.

The one supplement that helps solve all your problems is sleep.

Wait? You don’t have to take a pill? No.

Sleep deprivation makes it harder to lose weight. It reduces testosterone by 10% or more. Reduction in sleep by as little as two hours daily can negatively impact fat loss or muscle growth in one week. Appetite increases and you’ll gain weight.

What To Do Instead: Do everything possible to sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Mistake #5: You’re Not Taking Massive Action

Before declaring to the world you’re on a sacred mission to lose fat….

Before spending three hours of your precious time shopping for new workout gear…..

Before filling your pantry with the best supplements on the market everyone is telling you to buy…

You must develop a plan for getting you from point A to point B.

The key to achieving your goal is to have the correct steps in place to move you towards them. Without this, many people lose momentum and quit. You want process goals that support the achievement of your desired outcome.

Let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds. Do you have 100% control over how much weight you lose and how fast you lose it? No! The things you control are the things that make the process easier.

What To Do Instead: Set process goals that keep you on track. Examples:

“I will walk at least 10,000 steps per day”

“I will stop eating after 8 pm.” 

“I will work out four times per week”

“I will have a vegetable at each meal.”

Taking massive action requires a solid plan. Taking massive action is a foundational principle for clients of the JP Fitness Coaching Program. Taking an unfamiliar path with a carefully crafted map will lead you in the right direction. 

Mistake #6: You’re Not Focusing on the Basics

In the words of the late Charles Poliquin, “The basics are the basics, and you can’t beat the basics.”

Spending your time curling dumbbells on top of a Bosu ball won’t get you closer to losing a beer gut. Standing in front of a mirror clinging onto a dumbbell while doing side bends won’t torch your love handles.

What To Do Instead: Workouts centered on squats, deadlifts, rows, pullups, presses, lunges, and carries are the keys to unlocking the doors for you to pack on muscle to become the superhero of your own life. You’ll totally dominate work, rest, and play every day, in every way.

Mistake #7: You Have Zero Accountability

I have one regret in life.

In 2016, I traded in a secure corporate job to become a full-time fitness coach. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t have a plan. I wanted to coach and my wife Kayla trusted me to make the right decisions.

If I could go back to that moment in time, I would do one thing differently: hire a coach. More specifically, hire a coach who’s been both where you are and where you want to be.

The biggest growth and most value I’ve received, personally and professionally, are when my coaches have been there to hold me accountable. I receive marching orders, deadlines are set, and I’m expected to follow through. Everything set to be accomplished must be congruent with my core values, beliefs, and goals.

Leaving things to good intentions isn’t good enough.

What To Do Instead: Have someone in your corner holding you accountable. That doesn’t mean a drill sergeant. It means someone who will be there for you every step of the way, but won’t be afraid to call you out when required. Your coach should provide you with a customized nutrition plan, deliver customized workouts, and help build sustainable habits. 

Mistake #8: You’re Not Tracking Gym Performance

CEOs live and die by net profits. Sales people are only as good as their most recent  sales reports. Children worry about report cards. Tracking performance is part of your life, including the gym.

Are you getting stronger? Were you able to perform more reps than in the previous workout? Did you need less rest in between sets? Dramatic changes occur when you force yourself to improve.  

You add 30 lbs to your deadlift and feel like a superhero with his cape blowing in the wind. You’re ready to crush that 9am meeting in a few hours because you notched another rep into the set of your 225-lb. bench press. 

What To Do Instead: Use a small notebook or a notes app to track your workouts. Push yourself weekly. Stagnation leads to zero change.

Mistake #9: You Think Cardio is the Answer

It’s been a gut-wrenching, anxiety-filled, stressful day at the office. You gaze down at your computer screen and realize it’s 6:00 pm. It’s time to cut bait, and retreat to your sofa so you can Netflix and chill.

On the drive home,  you remember that a few days ago you made a commitment to yourself to lose 20 pounds by working out a few days each week. A long sigh escapes form your lips, you turn to see the gym bag you packed the previous night with new workout clothes sitting in your back seat. So you head to the gym.

You enter the gym, dart to the locker room to change clothes, and you’re set to go. It’s time to put the new workout clothes to good use. You emerge from the locker room, survey the busy gym floor, and realize you don’t have a plan.

What exercises are you supposed to do? How many reps? How many sets? How long should you rest?

A minute passes. You throw your hands up in frustration. Then, you turn to see an open spot on a row of treadmills. You say to yourself, “I’ll jog for 30 minutes a few days each week. It’s easy and I don’t have to think about what to do at the gym.” 

Weeks later, you’re pissed off and puzzled as to why you haven’t lost any weight. “What am I doing wrong?”

What To Do Instead:  Recognize that the journey to obliterating fat, begins with prioritizing weights and creating a caloric deficit.

You lift weights so you can build muscle, get stronger, and have a defined athletic looking body. People wasting their time with moderate intensity cardio like jogging, sacrifice muscle resulting in a “soft” appearance. In addition, jogging can lead to an increased appetite for sugar, elevate stress levels, and cause inflammation.

Start walking 30 minutes each day. Once a habit is formed, increase it to 40 minutes. If fat loss stalls, include a 30-minute high intensity interval session (HIIT) once per week.

Mistake #10 – You’re Not Having Fun

If I had a dime for every person who has asked me, “What’s the best workout or diet to lose fat or build muscle?”, I’d tell my wife to pack up the house because I bought a private island in the Caribbean.

The best training plan, the optimal diet to increase your energy levels, build the confidence to walk around shirtless, shed fat and keep it off forever…

…is the one you can stick to over the long haul

Adherence to diet and exercise plans reigns supreme.  Make sure your current training plan and diet help you build sustainable habits. Forcing yourself to commit to a workout plan or diet that’s not customizable and flexible only leads you down a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and program-hopping.

Revealing your best body doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun in the gym and enjoy life. Build a workout schedule and diet plan that allows you shed fat and dominate work, leaving you time to devote towards memorable moments with loved ones. 

Many of the clients inside the JP Fitness Coaching Program enjoy pizza, ice cream, and a glass of wine as part of their carefully crafted plan.

What To Do Instead: Don’t make these mistakes. Apply the information above instead.

If you’d like help in crafting a plan from an expert coach that allows you to shed fat without sacrificing time with your loved ones, apply here.

You’ll get your energy back, save time, and improve your health so that you can be around longer for your family.